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Timberwolves Basketball 2016 Target Center Schedule and Tickets : Timberwolves Tickets while supplies last

By Timberwolves Tickets

The Timberwolves basketball 2016 Target Center schedule includes plenty of hot games and guaranteed tickets exclusively from TimberwolvesTickets.com - We are offering affordable Timberwolves tickets to encourage fans to show up at Target Center and cheer our NBA team to victory. See Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins for yourself. View the Timberwolves schedule and available tickets by game now!




Target Center Games

1/23 Timberwolves vs Memphis

1/27 Timberwolves vs OKC Thunder

2/06 Timberwolves vs Bulls

2/08 Timberwolves vs New Orleans

2/10 Timberwolves vs Toronto

2/20 Timberwolves vs NY Knicks

2/22 Timberwolves vs Boston





Flip Saunders Tribute

By Timberwolves Tickets Manager

Alex from our office is a big Timberwolves fan -

I asked him to write a tribute for Flip Saunders.


Coach, we will miss you.

Flip Saunders Timberwolves Coach 



Many would consider Flip Saunders to be the face of Minnesota basketball. Before starting his coaching career, Flip Saunders played college basketball for the University of Minnesota and he was a big part of the Gophers team in his many successful seasons with them.


Everything good that has ever happened with the Minnesota Timberwolves organization, Flip Saunders was always a big part of. He started coaching the Timberwolves in 1995 and he ended up bringing the Timberwolves to eight consecutive playoff appearances from the 96-97 season through the 03-04 season. Flip was a big part in the drafting and developing of Kevin Garnett, the greatest Timberwolves player of all time. Flip was also responsible for bring Kevin Garnett back to the Timberwolves last year and many people say that if it wasn't for Flip he may not have came back. Flip Saunders came back to the Timberwolves for his 2nd stint with the team two years ago. He took over a team led by a disgruntled Kevin Love whose future looked bleak. Just two years later Flip has put this organization in a great position to succeed. Many would say they have the brightest future in the league.


The passing of Flip Saunders will be felt not just in Minnesota but all throughout the basketball community. While Flip Saunders was a great basketball mind, he was an even better person. You will never find anyone who has a single bad thing to say about him. His loss is felt in Minnesota by all.


Hopefully this young Minnesota Timberwolves team plays with a chip on their shoulder and goes out and has a great season in honor of coach Flip Saunders.


Timberwolves Tickets available NOW for the 2015-16 Timberwolves Season

By Timberwolves Tickets Manager

We have Timberwolves tickets available now for the 2015-16 Timberwolves season. Click the "Buy Tickets Online" button on the sidebar to see available tickets by game. Just curious about the Timberwolves Schedule ? We have that information too! Click on the "Season Schedule" button and see when your favorite teams are coming to town! 


The Timberwolves kick off the season with a bang at Staples Center playing the Los Angeles Lakers on October 28th. It will be a battle of the top two picks from June's NBA draft: Karl-Anthony Towns and DeAngelo Russell. The Timberwolves Lakers game will be aired nationally on ESPN, but if you want to road trip it to LA, we have Timberwolves Lakers tickets!


The Timberwolves home opener is November 2nd against the Portland Trail Blazers - BE THERE! 

Timberwolves Mascot - Timberwolves Tickets 

Target Center home of the Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball Team

By Timberwolves Tickets

Target Center is home to the Minnesota Timberwolves and is THE place to be for all and any heart pounding NBA action. Target Center capacity is listed as 19,356 but during games when our Timberwolves team takes on the NBA's best, we know the Target Center can become as filled up and rowdy as an actual Target on Black Friday.


When the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and other NBA stars come to town, be sure to buy seats at Timberwolvestickets.com  - Our Timberwolves Tickets are 100% guaranteed!


Target Center

600 1st Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Buy Timberwolves Tickets

At Target Center  


    Buy Timberwolves Tickets at Target Center

Thank you, Timberwolves fans!

By Timberwolves Tickets

The Minnesota Timberwolves brought a much-improved team to the courts around the country, including the Target Center in Minneapolis, this year. Thank you for a great season Timberwolves fans!


Fans showed their support to the Timberwolves throughout the year. We appreciate you, Timberwolves fans, for all the exciting times at the Target Center. Thank you for buying tickets to show your fan support for the Timberwolves. We can't wait to see what next year brings for our beloved Timberwolves. 




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