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2015 NBA Draft : Will the Minnesota Timberwolves Get No. 1 Pick?

By Timberwolves Tickets

Could this be the year that the Minnesota Timberwolves finally get the first overall draft pick?


Stay tuned Timberwolves fans! Thanks to our lousy regular season record, the Timberwolves are currently listed in the No. 1 overall selection spot with a 25% chance of receiving the first overall pick. The Timberwolves have the highest odds of any NBA team of getting that No. 1 pick, but Timberwolves fans know there are no guarantees when it comes to the NBA Draft Lottery. Timberwolves fans will be keeping their fingers crossed until the final order of the NBA draft is decided on May 19th

Timberwolves end season with 16-66 record : Thank you Timberwolves Fans

By Timberwolves Tickets

The Minnesota Timberwolves ended the 2014-15 season with a NBA league worst 16-66 record. The season started out hopeful with lots of potential talent on the roster, but injuries kept the Wolves from ever playing at “full strength.”


It was a tough season to be a Timberwolves fan and we whole heartedly salute you loyal Wolves fans! There were fans at every game that cheered the Timberwolves basketball team through the tough times. Timberwolves fans need to continue to look toward the future. The Timberwolves roster is full of potential and we are are building for the future.


Thank you for your support

Timberwolves Fans! 

Timberwolves Basketball 2015 March Home Games : Timberwolves Tickets Available Now – Welcome Kevin Garnett Home

By Timberwolves Tickets

The March 2015 Timberwolves Target Center basketball schedule got a little more interesting when the Timberwolves brought back Kevin Garnett. Be sure to buy Timberwolves tickets and welcome Kevin Garnett home, his leadership and on court presence is bringing back some excitement to Minnesota basketball!  We have tickets in a wide range of prices and location, Click the "Buy Tickets Online" button to view available seats.



March Home Games

3/02 Timberwolves vs LA Clippers

3/04 Timberwolves vs Denver

3/07 Timberwolves vs Portland (top selling game)

3/16 Timberwolves vs Brooklyn

3/22 Timberwolves vs Charlotte

3/25 Timberwolves vs LA Lakers

3/30 Timberwolves vs Utah

Timberwolves Basketball 2015 February Target Center Schedule and Tickets : $5 Timberwolves Tickets while supplies last

By Timberwolves Tickets (01/30/2015 02:30 PM)

The Timberwolves basketball February 2015 Target Center schedule includes plenty of hot games and exclusively from TimberwolvesTickets.com you can buy a $5 Timberwolves ticket while supplies last. We are offering cheap Timberwolves tickets to encourage fans to show up at Target Center and cheer our NBA team to victory. View the Timberwolves schedule and available tickets by game now!




February Home Games

2/04 Timberwolves vs Miami

2/06 Timberwolves vs Memphis

2/09 Timberwolves vs Atlanta

2/11 Timberwolves vs Golden State

2/20 Timberwolves vs Phoenix

2/25 Timberwolves vs Washington

2/28 Timberwolves vs New Memphis




Timberwolves Basketball 2015 January Home Games : Timberwolves Target Center Value Tickets Available Now

By Timberwolves Tickets

The January 2015 Timberwolves Target Center basketball schedule includes hosting some big name teams. Be there to cheer on the Timberwolves with our exclusive Timberwolves value tickets – many games $20 or less while supplies last. Click "Buy Tickets Online" button to view available seats.



January Home Games

 1/01 Timberwolves vs Sacremento

1/03 Timberwolves vs Utah

1/05 Timberwolves vs Denver

1/07 Timberwolves vs Phoenix

1/10 Timberwolves vs San Antonio

1/12 Timberwolves vs Dallas

1/23 Timberwolves vs New Orleans

1/28 Timberwolves vs Boston

1/31 Timberwolves vs Cleveland

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