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If you are looking to check out one of the historic theatres in the Twin Cities, head to the Fitzgerald theatre, pictured here in black and white 


The Fitzgerald Theatre has become one of the most famous landmarks in St. Paul, Minnesota due to the success of "A Prairie Home Companion" movie, released in 2006.  The Fitzgerald Theatre is St. Paul's oldest stage venue downtown and it has stood at 488 Wabasha Street since 1910. 


Originially designed by Chicago firm Marshall & Fox, the Fitzgerald Theatre was part of many theaters built nationwide by the Shubert Theatre Corporation.  After its construction, the new venue was named the Sam S. Shubert Theatre and saw decades of live entertainment and movies on its stages and screens.  In 1994, the building was renamed the Fitzgerald Theatre in honor of St. Paul native and author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.  F. Scott Fitzgerald lived just up the hill from the theater now named in his honor.  The author spent years attending school and living near Summit Avenue, and as an adult, he returned to St. Paul to live with his wife and baby daughter.


The Fitzgerald Theatre hosts A Prairie Home Companion on its stages as a recurring event.  Live theater, music, and political debates have also graced the stages of the Fitzgerald Theatre.  To purchase Fitzgerald Theatre tickets, simply click the "Buy Tickets" button and check out upcoming shows on the Fitzgerald Theatre Schedule.  Fitzgerald Theatre tickets are available 24 hours a day at a variety of prices.  Purchase your Fitzgerald Theatre tickets today!


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