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Kevin Love

The Minnesota Timberwolves finished 17-65 for the 2011 NBA Season.  The Minnesota Timberwolves finished with the worst record in the NBA and secured the best chance to win the 2011 NBA Lottery.  It was a tough season but it is now in the books and hopefully they can move forward.  There were some highlights, lowlights, and big games.


Some highlights include two victories over the New Orleans Hornets, a playoff team in the West, as well as Kevin Love's 30 point and 30 rebound night against the New York Knicks at home.  Kevin Love had an impressive double-double streak, which ran up to 53 games.  A buzzer beater by Michael Beasley over the Cleveland Cavaliers is another memory that I will have. 


Kevin Love became an All-Star this season, the first since Kevin Garnett.  However, some players needed to be added to help Kevin Love and Michael Beasley.  The young core is in place but they are still without 2-3 key players.  Will Ricky Rubio finally sign with the team?  Will Kurt Rambis return as head coach?  Is this the year that we finally win the NBA Draft?  There are a few questions that will have to be answered.


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