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20 yardline...10 yardline...TOUCHDOWN by the Minnesota Vikings! Minnesota Vikings are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota Vikings are a member of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC in the National Football League (NFL). The club was founded in 1961 after the ownership group withdrew their membership to the American Football League and agreed to join the NFL as an expansion team. The team played home games at Metropolitan Stadium through the 1981 NFL season, and has played their home games at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome since 1982.


Minnesota Vikings have many nicknames such as, the Vikes, the Purple, the Purple People Eaters. Minnesota Vikings fight song is Skol, Vikings and their mascot is Viktor the Viking and Ragnar. The team was officially named the Minnesota Vikings on September 27, 1960; the name is partly meant to reflect Minnesota's place as a center of Scandinavian American culture. The Minnesota Vikings embraced an energetic marketing program that produced first-year season ticket sales of nearly 26,000 and an average home attendance of 34,586, about 85% of the capacity of 40,800 for Metropolitan Stadium. Eventually Met Stadium capacity was increased to 47,900.


From the team's debut in 1961 to 1995, the Minnesota Vikings' logos and uniforms essentially remained the same. One of the team's two primary logos consists of a profile of a blonde Norseman, while the other consists of a white Vikings horn. The horn logo was slightly revised in 2006. The original uniform design consisted of white pants, gold trim, and either purple or white jerseys. From 1961 to 1964, the Minnesota Vikings wore purple pants with their white jerseys. In a design that was unique among American football teams, the white jerseys had a completely different strip pattern, which was over the shoulders, than the purple ones, which was around the sleeve cuff. Minnesota Vikings wore black shoes until Les Steckel became the coach in 1984. In 2006 Minnesota Vikings returned to wearing black shoes for first time since the 1983 season. Minnesota Vikings are currently owned by Zygi Wilf, Mark Wilf, Jeffrey Wilf, Leonard Wilf, David Mandelbaum, Alan Landis and Reggie Fowler. The Minnesota Vikings have been conducting summer Vikings training camp at Minnesota State University, Mankato since 1966. From 1961 - 1965 they held camp at Bemidji State University.


During home games at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, the Minnesota Vikings horn is loudly played and sounds often after the team has a big play or scores a touchdown. In addition, Vikings fans are known to dress up in "Helga hats", or purple hats with white horns and blonde braids, mimicking the helmets popularly believed to have been worn by Viking warriors. The original Helga Hats are still hand assembled in the Twin Cities area; however, some vendors have since imported other version from overseas in recent years.


With every game that the Minnesota Vikings play, more and more fans become more and more excited, making Vikings tickets hard to get. Therefore, if you have made plans to go to a Minnesota Vikings game in the near future, one suggestion: get your Minnesota Vikings football tickets now before they are all sold out and enjoy the next Minnesota Vikes game! GO VIKINGS!


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