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Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns have always been a popular NBA team, from Phoenix Suns jerseys like the one pictured to Phoenix Suns shorts, Suns apparel always sells quickly in stores

The Phoenix Suns had some early success in their history, going to the 1976 NBA Finals. The Phoenix Suns also went to the 1993 NBA Finals where they fell to Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. Today, the Phoenix Suns possess one of the NBA's most explosive offenses. The Phoneix Suns explosive play started under MVP point guard Steve Nash and his supporting Phoenix Suns roster of Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion and Leandro Barbosa. The orange-and purple-clad Phoenix Suns have been very competitive in their so called "Run n' Gun" era (2004-present), playing out of the US Airways Center in the NBA's Pacific Division.


Experience the Phoenix Suns sublime offense in person is a must for any NBA fan. Buy Phoenix Suns tickets today!


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