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Portland Trail Blazers


The Portland Trailblazers Jerseys like the one pictured are fan favorites all over the Pacific Northwest where most of the Porland Trailblzers fan base lives


The Portland Trail Blazers were founded in 1970. The franchise won a NBA championship in 1977 and three conference titles including two in the early 90s. The Portland Trail Blazers haven't enjoyed much success since the 1999 season when they won a division title. Though in recent history the Portland Trail Blazers Roster has been working its way back up the NBA Standings. Rose Garden Arena is once again coming alive for the red, black, silver and white Portland NBA team.


As popularity for Portland Trail Blazers games grow, getting your hands on Portland Trailblazers Tickets is getting harder and harder. Don't miss your shot to catch one of the best teams from the Pacific Northwest! Buy your Portland Trail Blazers Tickets today!


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