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Sacramento Kings


The Sacramento Kings may not be the most popular California Team but they have some of the most excited fans in the sunshine state, Kings fans can always be counted on to show up to games in Sacramento Kings Jerseys like the one pictured

Over the years, the Kings basketball team has called Rochester, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and (finally) Sacramento home.  The Sacramento Kings are part of the Western Conference and the Pacific Division since they moved to Sacramento in 1985.  Since that time, the Sacramento Kings have captured 2 division titles in 2002 and 2003.


Sacramento Kings team colors are purple, black, and silver.  The Sacramento Kings boast a young core of players that have the chance to bring the Sacramento Kings back into the NBA elite.  The Sacramento Kings have a talented roster of players that will look to compete for conference titles in the near future.

Sacramento Kings tickets can be hard to come by especially if the game is against a rival like the LA Lakers. To purchase your Sacramento Kings tickets, follow our "Buy Tickets" links above and below.  Sacramento Kings tickets are available today so buy yours now! Sacramento Kings tickets go quick so act now!


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