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In a climate where winter lasts over half the year, Minnesota residents seek shelter indoors for entertainment and athletics.  As a result, basketball is a very popular year-round sport and basketball programs start at early ages for children.  It's impossible to bump into a Minnesota resident who didn't grow up playing in a basketball league, or at least had a sibling or good friend on a middle school or high school basketball team.  It's simply part of life in Minnesota that basketball is one of the top sports loved by people of this state.


As proof of Minnesota's interest in basketball, an entire basketball state program has been built up to near national recognition.  Pacesetter Sports hosts shooting camps, basketball camps, and championship basketball camps for all children and teens interested in the sport.  Basketball playoffs and leagues are offered year round and thousands of athletes participate in them every year. 


Since so many people grew up with basketball, Minnesota fans are loyal to the Timberwolves.  The state suffered without a team for years when the Lakers moved to Los Angeles.  Once pro basketball returned to Minnesota in 1987, people across the state were incredibly excited and supported the team through its rough initial season.  Although the past few years have seen their ups and downs, fans still love the Minnesota Timberwolves.  To purchase Timberwolves basketball tickets, simply click the "Buy Tickets" link above.  Timberwolves basketball tickets are available safely and securely with no hidden fees.  Buy your Timberwolves basketball tickets today!


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