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The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks will play eachother 3 times during the 2010-2011 NBA season.  The first game will be in Dallas on Wednesday, December 1.  The second game will be on Monday, March 7 at the Target Center, followed by the last game on Thursday, March 24 in Dallas.  Timberwolves Mavericks Game tickets go fast!


Timberwolves Mavericks Game


The Dallas Mavericks have been a perrenial contender in the Western Conference for the last ten years.  With Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks have made the playoffs the last ten seasons.  They won 55 games in the 2009-2010 season and finished first in the Southwest Division.  Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, and Jason Kidd are all All-Star caliber players and can play with any team in the NBA.  The Timberwolves Mavericks Game Tickets are a good invest to make if you want to see high octane basketball!


The Minnesota Timberwolves will be ready for a high scoring affair with the defending Southwest Division Champions.  The Dallas Mavericks have annually been a high scoring team and can fly up and down the court.  The Minnesota Timberwolves will need to bring their best game in order to beat the Dallas Mavericks.  Don't delay and purchase your Timberwolves Mavericks Game tickets today! 


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