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The NBA is comprised of 30 teams and Timberwolves NBA tickets are just a sampling of all the seats available for a long season worth of games.  The league was founded back in 1946 and merged with a competing league in 1949.  Today the NBA headquarters are located in the Olympic Tower in New York and television games are handled by offices in Secaucus, New Jersey.


Over the years, basketball teams have come and gone.  Though many moved, like the Minneapolis Lakers, several others were completely eliminated.  Examples include Indianapolis Jets and the Baltimore Bullets.  Through it all, the NBA has stayed strong and unified.  The NBA playoffs are held in April and draw thousands of spectators nationally and internationally.  At the end of the season, NBA awards are given out for Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year, bringing all teams together for a final ceremony.   


NBA tickets are always a hot commoditiy, and Timberwolves NBA tickets are especially big in Minnesota.  To see a game live, purchase Timberwolves NBA tickets online.  Timberwolves NBA tickets are available at a wide variety of price points and for a wide selection of games.  Buy your Timberwolves NBA tickets today!


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