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Minnesota Timberwolves
The furry, gray face of the Minnesota Timberwolves is none other than Crunch, the Timberwolves' team mascot who gets crowds energized with his antics on and off court.  According to popular legend, Crunch was born in the depths of Minnesota's northern forests and began playing basketball with pine cones and make-shift baskets as a young wolf pup.  Crunch packed up his belongings and moved to Minneapolis where he now lives in a secretive den somewhere in the Target Center.  He is always fired up for game day and dons a special Crunch jersey to support the players.


Crunch stands at an even 6 feet tall and he weighs in at 175 pounds.  He has an impressive 15 foot vertical jump, though the trampoline he bounds off may have something to do with that height.  In the offseason or on practice days, you can find Crunch curled up with his favorite book, Call of the Wild, or glued to the TV to watch his favorite movie, Dances with Wolves.  Crunch always wears team colors of blue, green,  black, and silver and loves firing T-shirts out of his mega gun to the cheers of fans.


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