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Brent Haskins

Brent Haskins

Team Number: 0
Birth Date: 01/01/2007
Weight: 0lbs.
Position: Assistant Coach
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Brent Haskins is a 6-year Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach/NBA advance scout. Before being promoted to the assistant coach position, Haskins spent three seasons as an exclusive advance scout for the Timberwolves and an additional three years as the team’s video coordinator. Prior to joining the Timberwolves organization, Haskins spent three years as an assistant coach at his alma mater, the University of Minnesota.

Brent Haskins main duties for the Timberwolves include assisting the coaching staff at key points during the season, like draft preparation time, summer league, training camp and any possible playoff runs. Haskins is in charge of assembling the summer league team. Otherwise, Haskins duties send him across the country to make scouting reports for the Timberwolves’ upcoming opponents. His scouting reports allow the coaching staff to formulate game plans when the Wolves play an opponent.

Brent Haskins, a Wayzata native, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a sports management degree in 1996.

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